Volkswagen’s bible Brand For Corporate Design Honored

It is no secret that Volkswagen has been through a lot of controversies lately that have shocked the whole automotive industry. But despite such, Europes largest automaker and producer of the popular Volkswagen relay has come out unscathed and still in its full grandeur ready to face more challenges that come its way. For the almost 62 years that Volkswagen has spent in the automotive industry it has its shares of ups and downs but the fact that it is still Europes largest automaker simply shows that its achievements has overshadowed its failures.

And just recently, Volkswagen was awarded with the Silver 2007 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany for its corporate book called Volkswagen Corporate Design Essentials. This brand bible gives a clear documentation of brand tonality and visual presentation of the design principles of the Volkswagen brand. The awarding was held at a public ceremony at Frankfurt am Main during the Ambiente International trade fair.

The German Design Council has invited an international jury to pick the Design Award Winners. There were 940 nominations but only 25 products were chosen to receive Germanys only official design award. According to Jochen Sengpiehl, Head of Marketing at

Top Ten Most Expensive Exotic Cars

Exotic cars are high end sports cars whose performance is superior to that of its contemporaries. They are typically very expensive and powerful cars that designed with a centrally located engine. Exotic cars are always very sleek and catch the eyes of people wherever they are. The prices of these types of cars are almost always in a class of their own and are only attainable by the most elite and wealthy people in the world. Below is a list of the top ten most expensive exotic cars in the world.

1.Mercedes Benz SLR. This luxury car is a German sports car that was jointly developed by Mercedes Benz and McLaren Automotive. It is the fastest automatic transmission car in the world and is priced at nearly $450,000.

2.Porsche Carrera GT. This is a mid engined sports car and was voted the fastest car of the year in 2005. The price tag of this car is $440,000.

3.Saleem S7. If you want to call this car your own you will need to be willing to cough up a cool $430,000.

4.Maybach 62. This is a full size luxury car that was introduced in 2002. The price tag if you want to take this car

Fast Cars, Sports Cars British Performance

At the end of World War II there was a surge of high performance, fast and sporty cars that began to emerge. The soldiers who were returning home from war were instantly attracted to these fast sports cars, many which were exported by Britain. At that time the British were building high quality sports cars at a price many could afford. The British sports cars were superbly engineered and quickly began taking the sports car world by storm. Their sleek and sporty design made them highly desirable.

The fast and sporty British cars began to really take off when the Triumph came out with the TR2 in 1953. At the time Triumph produced some of the most sought after cars in the world. The United States fell in love with it and soon began seeking other British sports cars.

Taking A Look At The Cars

The Jaguar is probably the most popular fast, sport car the British offer. Many people see the Jaguar as the top of the line automobile. The brand new Portfolio which is being unveiled in March 2007 brags of a speed of 155 mph and can reach 60 mph in only 4.9 seconds. The Portfolio features a 4.2 liter

Macarthur Ford Fiesta And Ford Falcon Xr8

The launch also included an entire new model range with sedan, Ute, and Ford performance Vehicles line-ups.

The Ford Falcon XR8 boasts of a major equipment specifications and is distinct for its engine and signature bonnet power bulge. The improved 290 5.4 Liter four-valve V8 engine of the XR8 goes perfectly well with the new exhaust system with a Semi Active Muffler, more commonly referred to as SAM. The all new exhaust system is said to produce an unmatched sporty V8 exhaust note while it delivers a more polished interior environment.

Aside from the new Ford Falcon, Ford company is also proud of its New Ford Fiesta. It is said that more than 12 million Fiestas were sold since its very first launching in 1976, and surely, the New Ford Fiesta will also be a hit.

Ford Fiesta has a four petrol engine with power outputs that range from 59bhp to 113bhp. Those who are more interested with a Diesel can choose from a 67bhp 1.4 liter unit or an 88bhp 1.6.

All New Ford Fiestas are equipped with a five-speed manual transmission. A four-speed automatic transmission are also available on some models. Furthermore, the New

Used Cars Toronto Erinwood Ford

First- class second-hand car market!

Greeting to you as you enter the brand new, first class world of used cars Toronto. These Toronto used cars are what people are requesting for like crazy, as this prospect has never come up priory. Getting the dream car at a dream prize”, oh, it just can’t get any better. The fresh age groups of car owners who have just marked their entry seem to be ecstatic with the first- class used car marketplace. There is a prospect in chance for all kinds of populace to enjoy a car for them. The car companies too face intimidation from the new contestants and the need to rip prices has stepped in.

For example the Honda Civic, 1997 AUDI A4 QUATTRO 5SPD that are available in the second hand car market for $5000 range are surely a treat for the buyer.

Second hand car clientele have by no means had it so blessed. Primarily, it the prices that went steep down across various brands. Licensed dealers or car manufacturers – Daewoo, Suzuki and Ford – are introducing a new sector of smartened up second-hand cars. Suzuki and Ford sellers have gone deeper and are even offering a warranty of