Ford Ranger Posts February Sales Gain

Ford Rangers days are numbered. But Ranger, exiting production assembly line, is showing some life. It wasnt that sad at all. Ford February sales report reflects notable sales gain of the Ranger. The gain is driven in part by incentives that keep pickups moving.

With just a year prior to the scheduled closure of the Ranger plant in St. Paul, the truck is seeing signs of a sales rebound. In February, Ranger sales soared 27 percent over the same month last year.

February was the second month in a row the truck has seen sales gain, reported Ford Motor Co. Prior to January, it had been years since the truck had recorded a month-to-month sales gain. Last month, the Dearborn-based automaker sold 7,431 Rangers compared to 5,850 it sold in the same month last year. On the contrary, the F-Series full-size truck saw sales dived five percent last month.

“That little Ranger that could is still doing well,” said Jim Farley, Ford’s group vice president for marketing and communications. Equipped with quality Ford Ranger parts, the truck is expected to lure more shoppers in its last days.

Ford is offering special incentives on the Ranger in Americas Sun Belt, extending from Florida to Texas and California. In those territories, “the compact truck market continues to be robust,” Farley said in a conference call, especially for shoppers buying 4×2 models.

The incentives “are not something we’re going to offer every month,” he said, but the automaker is happy with how sales have performed recently.

According to watchers in the industry, escalating gasoline prices may also have contributed to the brisk sales of Rangers. Currently, the automakers lineup of small cars and crossover utility vehicles are selling better than its full-sized trucks and SUVs.

“We don’t have very many (Rangers). We’re just sold out,” beamed Roger Kamp, new car sales manager at Power Ford in North Scottsdale, Ariz. “I’m waiting for more to come in.”

All the Ranger buyers he sees want the larger crew-cab models, Kamp said. Bearing price stickers that start under $20,000, “it’s a great price point for all customers, for someone who doesn’t want to spend $30,000 for a full-sized (truck).”

Dan Zeller, a manager at Metro Ford in Dallas, said that from his experience, the sales spike was related to commercial orders for Rangers. Several of his large commercial fleet customers took delivery of Rangers in February, following what Zeller thinks was a backlog of orders, TwinCities reported.

Ford extended the life of the St. Paul plant in November, saying it would shut sometime in 2009 instead of later this year.

Are Rubber Floor Mats Better Than Carpet Floor Mats

Regardless if you have just recently purchased a new car or are looking to spruce up your old vehicle, adding floor mats can make all the difference. Whether you are purchasing floor mats from a car dealership or a automotive shop, the options are usually large and may be confusing. Generally, there are two main categories of floor mats: rubber floor mats and carper floor mats. When making a decision between the two materials, the choice is generally one of desired look and specific needs.

Rubber floor mats are the better choice for vehicles that do a great deal of hauling materials or people. Look to include rubber floor mats in truck beds or in the rear of vehicles and in trunks. In addition to being much easier to clean than their carpet cousins, rubber floor mats may offer a bit of skid protection, so that items you are hauling are not catapulted from one end of your vehicle to another. Also, if you live in an area of the country that experiences particular messy weather or have a great deal of mud around your home or place of business, you may want to consider rubber floor mats specifically for the clean up potential.

Carpet floors mats are generally designated for cars, although there is no one reason why carpet must be included in cars and vice versa. Generally, carpet floor mats are though to look better, and are often purchased directly from the dealership in a color that matches the interior carpeting of the vehicle. If you purchase carpet floor mats from an automotive store or an outside source other than a dealership, you may have potential problems in matching the color of the floor mat to the color of your interior. In this instance, consider using a coordinating color that will hide stains and clean up easily while looking nice with the interior of your car.

Although carpet floor mats are usually purchased for vehicles designed for transportation instead of hauling purposes, many individuals find them inappropriate. Especially if you have small children or pets, carpet floor mats can become easily dirty and stained with muddy feet or spills. For this reason, consider mats that are topped with a stain protective coating so that spills and liquids puddle on the surface instead of soaking through the mat. Although floor mats are generally the line of protection for the carpet underneath, very few individuals ever let this carpet show and they often look for clear protective vinyl or rubber mats to protect their floor mats. Keep in mind that any floor mat should be secured to the floor to prevent slipping upon entering or exiting the vehicle, especially if the mat is located under the driver’s seat.

Consider using rubber floor mats for their customization options, since many individuals want to create a look especially for their car. These customizations can be anything from a name or nickname emblazoned on the floor mat to a cartoon character or a favorite sports athlete’s number. With the booming customization business involving vehicles of all makes, shapes, and sizes, it is not surprising the customized floor mats have also become a trendy extra for vehicles.

In the end, the choice of rubber or carpet floor mats is completely up to you. Consider first your purposes of the vehicle and then your budget to determine which type of mat will best meet your needs. If budget is a main concern in your choice, turn to the World Wide Web, where you can often find great prices on popular styles and brands of floor mats.

Car Insurance, Safety And Cost

Car insurance has been called a necessary evil by many. If you’ve ever been in a car accident then you know how important good insurance can be. Every day people are in car accidents for numerous reasons. Some of these reasons could be due to inexperienced driving, driving while intoxicated, bad weather, unsafe road conditions and other driving hazards. But the fact remains the same, car insurance isn’t cheap.

Within the world of car insurance, one fact remains the same. The safer you are, the less your insurance will cost you. Now, when I say safe, I don’t necessarily mean your ability to drive a car. Numerous factors are accounted for when a car insurance company defines the word safe. “Safe” can mean driving a safe car, being an older more experienced driver, living in a safe town or city, having a clean record of safe driving and much more. This is important to keep in mind when deciding to buy cheap car insurence and keeping your cost down.

The older you get, the lower your rates become. The longer you go without a traffic violation or being in an accident the more likely you are of having a cheaper quote. The more safety features your car has, the less your monthly or quaterly rate will be. The less accidents in your town or city in general can also help determine your overall costs. Even simple things like how many miles you drive a day or your credit score can be indicators to a insurance company of a safe driver.

Some car insurance companies offer cheaper rates, but is this always better? As the standard goes, the cheaper the car insurence, the less coverage you will have. This is all fine until you get in to a car accident and you have no where to turn. It isn’t always the best idea to get the lowest car insurance quote online.

Here are some tips and best practices when buying car insurance and still saving some cast. First of all, check the credibility of the company you are considering. Do you know anyone else who has their insurance? Consider multiple carinsurance companies before settling on a single provider. It ultimately comes down to a single truth. The more you know, the better off you are in finding the company that you are looking for and making a smart buying decision that reflects your interest and goals financially as well as providing protection.

Simple safe practices such as these can keep your rates low and your coverage high. It is sometimes better to be safe than sorry and the insurance companies see it this way too.

How And Where To Find Car Shows

Finding the car show of your dream may seem impossible but in reality, it is not. There are plenty of great places where you can search for your dream car show and with some creativity, you can find the show based on the type of car you are most interested in, or you could just search for any show that is close to where you are located. The options are up to you, and the fun of enjoying the entire even is possible with just a bit of planning ahead of time.

One of the best places to look for car shows are in your local event calendars. Most cities and regions offer these calendars and they can usually be found online as well. They will give you information about the location of the show, admission charges, what is offered at the show and any other detailed information you need to know. This will usually be a great way to locate those shows that are in your area that do not do much advertising as well.

Another option that you have is to do a search in your favorite car magazine. Most magazines have a place where groups can advertise the car shows that they are organizing. This will allow you to see shows from all around the country typically and possibly even some shows that are located in different countries. Each place has their own requirements and admission information that may not be readily available in the magazine but you should be able to find the dates and some general contact information to use to get more information if you need it.

If you belong to a car club, your monthly newsletter should also have some information on various car shows that you may be interested in. This is not always going to be an all inclusive list so be sure to look around in other locations for information as well to ensure that you are getting a good picture of all shows that are going to be available.

The newspaper is another good source. Newspapers almost always report on events that are coming up, and this can be a great way to get a good scoop on the upcoming shows in the area. Anyone who is organizing a car show in your area is going to ensure that their event is listed in the newspaper and this makes the perfect opportunity to find everything in a single place.

Some of your other options include doing a search on your favorite search engine for recent car shows. This option is most effective if you are not concerned with sticking within a specific region. It is often much harder to narrow down specific areas but it is still possible. This can often be a great way to plan out any trips that you have in mind to take for a good while into the future. This can also allow you to book hotels ahead of time for discounted rates if you are going to be traveling to the car shows.

If you are interested in attending tons of car shows, you are going to find plenty that will interest you. There are almost always at least one show a weekend and some weeks are busier with more than just a single show. If you are interested, you could fill up all of your weekends for a year or even longer without any problems. This would also be a great way to travel all around the country and check out some other attractions as well.

Never think that car shows are boring, if you find the good ones you are sure to have a great time and the time spent locating the show is a great investment. You are going to have a ton of fun planning your trip and searching for the car shows of your dreams as you can see is really a simple project.

Get The Best Rates On Your Next Vehicle Today

If you are in the market for the most affordable loan to purchase your next car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, RV, or other motor vehicle, do not settle for outrageous interest rates or terms that are unreasonable. There are special lenders online who offer savings on motor vehicle loans for borrowers who have learned that doing business online can be worthwhile.

Avoid Exorbitant Fees

Unlike traditional walk-in lenders or banking institutions that typically service auto and motor vehicle loans, online lenders have little overhead as compared to the number of customers that they service. This means that you will not be charged exorbitant loan servicing or origination fees that your local bank may tack on in the fine print of your loan documents.

Oftentimes, consumer borrowers do not realize that they are paying ridiculous fees until they have already signed on the dotted line and committed themselves to the loan. This smoke and mirrors technique is so common at most lending institutions that most people may never realize all of the associated fees that their loan carries with it.

In addition, online lenders can save you over the traditional bank because there is more competition online than in your hometown. Where your town may have fewer than twenty banks, there may be two hundred lenders at any one time who are seeking out qualified applicants for auto loans on the Internet, if not more. This friendly competition between lenders can mean nothing short of significant savings for you, the borrower.

Financing online can also help you avoid unscrupulous dealer financing that is sure to be riddled with nickel and dime schemes to increase the price of your vehicle purchase. Dealers are infamous for making a quick hundred bucks or so on every car that they sell because they have partnered with banks to send applications to a particular servicer. Online financing eliminates this middle man concept, which means you negotiate for your loan, and pocket the savings.

Secure Online Applications

To apply for your new motor vehicle loan, go to the secure website that has been established by your new lender. From there, you can fill out an easy application that will ask you to disclose information regarding your previous and current employment, residency, and income – including how much debt you currently owe. You can send most required information to the new lender via email and fax for your convenience.

Vehicles Under Warranty

When choosing your new car, truck, or other motor vehicle, look for a warranty package that is included in your purchase price. A good warranty will include one hundred percent coverage on most anything that could go wrong with your vehicle during the first five years or fifty thousand miles of usage. Look for warranties that feature replacement tires and wheels in the event that you need to have one replaced. Your warranty should also feature a replacement vehicle for you to drive at no cost should your vehicle require repairs.