How An Erp System Can Benefit The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry works the same as any other business. Everything from local garages to car dealers know that making a customer feel welcome while getting the best service builds relationships that will last. If the dealership or the garage does not have professionalism when it comes to treating their customers, the customer will go somewhere else. One of the biggest objectives is making a personal connection with customers so they feel like they have somebody in their court when it comes to auto repair or automotive sales. One of the best ways to boost the morale of the automotive industry is to integrate an ERP system.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software package that integrates internal and external management data for an organization. This allows business to have information at their fingertips when problems or promotions arise. An ERP system can be used with accounting, manufacturing, customer relations, and sales. Not only does an ERP system benefit a business, this type of software can pay off for the customer as well.

Promotions are a tried and true way of generating business. Whether your dealer is offering a 0% financing deal on a specific car or your garage is offering a free oil change, this type of promotion can’t bring in business if the consumer does not know about it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a software program that could automatically give you a list of all of your customers from the last six months? This is essentially one feature of having an ERP system in place.

Accounting is the backbone of any business. Making sure that your books are in order and you have all of your invoices in place can give stockholders and employees confidence in the company. An ERP system will allow a flow of data between your finance department and the accounting firm that you are dealing with. If you have an in-house accountant, they will have access to all of the accounts and payments made to the company. Say that your company is planning on expanding. An ERP system will be able to list all of your fixed assets, receivables and budgeting when the time comes to apply for an expansion loan.

The human resources department in your garage or dealership keeps files on every employee in the company. An ERP system will give them an organized way of handling payroll and training issues that may arise. This software package can also give them up to the second answers for any questions regarding benefits, 401k, or diversity management within the business.

The automotive industry requires special orders and parts management for specialty products needed for repairs. An ERP system can also help with inventory of your items, order entry, supply chain planning or purchasing. Organization to the different cars that need specific parts will not only save you time in completing the job, it will also keep you in good standing with your customers.

The automotive industry is like any other industry; it needs customers and business to survive. The implementation of an ERP system into the company will allow quick execution of promotions, accounting disparities, customer information, and HR concerns. The days of a ledger and a pencil are over. Help you and your customers by using an ERP system in your garage or car dealership.

Safety Considerations When Buying Fast Cars

According to studies, fast cars are more often involved in road accidents compared to other types of cars. People who drive their fast cars almost to the limits sometimes lose control of their cars that they end up either skidding off the road, get into collision with other vehicles and other forms road accidents. However, the good news is that although fast cars are often involved in road accidents, these incidents are not really much related to the technical defects or the overall set-up of the vehicle itself.

Experts believe that fast cars are actually built to perform well on the road but the driving skills of the people behind the wheels may not be at par with the power of the fast car. In most cases, the drivers of fast cars overestimate their driving skills and end up losing control of their cars. Since accidents do happen, it is therefore very important to drive carefully and never abuse the power of your fast car. Furthermore, before you do buy cars, you should check out the safety features of the car thoroughly.

Safety Features That You Should Look For In Fast Cars

The first thing that you need to check when buying fast cars is the safety features. Your car should have antilock braking systems (ABS). The ABS will allow you to stop your car fast. Good ABS will help you deal with certain tight situations on the road. During panic stops, the ABS will allow you to steer you car and prevent any untoward incidents. To learn more about the ABS of fast cars, ask your car dealer to explain to you in details how this feature works. You may also ask the car dealer to demonstrate how the ABS works so that you will have a concrete idea of how your car will perform in tight situations.

Aside from the ABS, you should take a closer look into the traction control of the fast car. This feature will help prevent traction loss while your car is speeding. This feature can be very helpful especially during extreme weathers and when you are driving at top speed in some winding road. Combined with the ABS, the traction control will help you keep your car stable on the road even during bad weathers.

However, since this feature do have its own limitations, driving slowly and carefully during extreme weather conditions is still very much advisable. Never for one moment think that because your car have good safety features, you can still drive fast even during extreme weather conditions.

On the other hand, since accidents do happen, it always pays to check the airbag features of the fast car before you buy it. Look for airbags at the front and side of the car. Knee airbags are also very important.

Automotive Service Pay Attention To Your Vehicles Warning Lights!

If you’re like most drivers, those little yellow and red lights that flicker off and on when you start your car are often ignored. However, those warning lights are indicators of a vehicle that is operating normally, or one that needs either a minor automotive service, or possibly a more extensive automotive repair. Your car’s computer runs a check of the operating systems each time you turn on the ignition. If the warning lights go out, the computer has verified that the systems are functioning properly.

However, if a warning light remains on several minutes after the car has been started, or if it comes on while driving, make it a priority to schedule an automotive service. These warning lights are just like traffic signals, color-coordinated according to the severity of the warning.
Yellow Warning Light: “Proceed With Caution!”

On most vehicles, a yellow “Service Engine Soon” light indicates a potential problem. In other words, “proceed with caution.” If the light continues to come on after several car starts, it is telling you that you need to schedule an automotive service, or at the very least, read your owner’s manual. Typically, if the light comes on while you are driving and then goes off, the computer system was able to correct the problem itself.
A few common problems that may cause the “Service Engine Soon” light to come on can include the following:

* computer-related problems, such as faulty sensors
* anti-lock brake system
* safety restraint systems, such as air bags
* emissions components

Red Warning Light: “Stop!”

A red warning light indicates that you should immediately pull over and turn off the car. Be careful as you maneuver to stop, as whatever caused the light to come on could be a safety issue (i.e., brakes). Unfortunately, the red light is NOT a pre-warning– the problem is already occurring! Call for road-side assistance immediately for automotive repair to prevent permanent engine damage.
The red warning light indicates more severe problems, such as:

* low oil pressure
* engine over-heating
* failing brakes
* transmission over-heating
* battery voltage too low

Automotive Shop Equipment Los Angeles- Multimeters

The multimeter is an Automotive Shop Equipment Los Angeles used to check almost any circuit on the car, but caution must be used when selecting one for purchase. It should be an automotive meter of high impedance and preferably digital. A high-impedance meter is used to protect electronic circuits during testing. It will have two regular leads: a black and a red. Automotive multimeters have additional leads for temperature, engine speed, and other measurements exclusive to the automobile. The controls on most multimeters include selections for the three basic electrical measurements: voltage, current, and resistance. Some meters require the operator to select the range of measurements. The better and more expensive ones have automatic ranging. Ranging is the scale of measurement. For instance, if voltage is being read, the operator may have to select a 0-20-volt scale or a 20-100-volt scale. Automatic ranging meters do this automatically.

Automotive multimeters have selections for revolutions per minute, temperature, frequency, and others depending on the make and model of the meter. Additional leads are required to make the most of these measurements. There are meters that measure only resistance (ohmmeter), voltage (voltmeter), or current (ampere). Meters of this type are not common in the automotive field. There is one meter, however, that is common to almost every tire, parts, and repair facility. It is a volt/ampere tester. The VAT 40 is dated technology because it is an analog type of meter, butmany still exist and work as good as new. An analog meter is similar to the speedometer on a car where a moving needle points to a number for the measurement. Its replacement, the VAT 60 performs the same tests, but the display data is in a digital format. Both are used to test batteries and charging systems. This is one automotive meter that is capable of reading high current. On a starting system, the current may be as high as 400 to 500 amperes.

Most multimeters Automotive Shop Equipment Los Angeles can read no more than 10 amperes. None of the VAT testers will test a dead battery. There is a test with the VAT 40 that allows the battery to be charged for 3 minutes and then tested. This particular test does not mean the battery is good, but it can tell the technician if the battery will accept a charge. A battery should have at least 12 volts before testing to achieve a correct test result with a vat-40 or vat-60.

Multimeter is one of the most popular auto shop equipment which is used to check the circuit of the car.

Knowing more about electric vehicles charging

Thanks to the soaring gasoline prices, a large number of alternative resources for fuel are being planned by research scientists. That is a reason why somebody has come up with the good idea of electric vehicles. This idea was a pipe dream couple of years ago, but a number of car companies have found that it is extremely easy to make hybrid cars. This means that your car is going to run on gasoline, and the moment you find yourself without any gas, you just need to switch on the electric charge to take you to the nearest gas station.
So, you want to know more about electric vehicles and electric vehicles charging. For some while, there are some really good advantages of buying an electric car. You do not have to worry about the pollution and the car is definitely not going to be noisy. You do not have to set up a special station for electric car charging, because that can be done very easily at home itself. You are not going to be polluting the atmosphere with poisonous emissions, so if you are an environmentalist, you would be glad to buy an electric car. Electric cars can be assembled extremely easily. The moving parts are quite less, so you do not need plenty of effort to put them together.
In the same manner, you are not going to have to break the bank, getting the maintenance done on your electric car. So, apart from saving on gas, you are going to be saving on maintenance costs, with just a little bit of electric vehicles charging. Some places are also giving you a rebate or a tax credit, if you buy an electric car. So, you might want to look at the insurance companies and the facilities they are giving to electric car owners. Electric car charging can be done at home, but plugging in your car overnight. The only disadvantage is that one plugging in going to give you 160 km to a charge, so if you are travelling long distances on business, you might want to buy hybrid cars.
Many places offer you quick electric vehicles charging, which means that it is possible for you to get your car recharged in about half an hour. Otherwise, it might take about 6 to 8 hours for a complete recharging. So if you are in a hurry, this is definitely not the car for you.There is another downside here. If you recharging your electric car at home, you can expect your electricity bills to go up accordingly. Another downside is that you cannot expect an electric car to move as swiftly as a gasoline powered car. So if you are looking for something, which moves at a sedate rate, for short distance traveling, electric cars are definitely the best choice for you.
However, it would be more sensible to buy a hybrid car, if you intend to go driving on long business trips. Nevertheless, there are plenty of solutions being planned and in the pipeline pertaining to electric vehicles charging, to be unveiled in the future. Watch this space!

Mercedes-benz dreamcars Campaign Makes Automotive Dreams Come True

PressRelease) Mercedes-Benz as the world’s leading automobile company, not only invented the world’s first automobile in 1886, but also continuously develops innovative new car models. Hence, no matter your desired dream cars are unique fourdoor coups or sporty supercars, Mercedes-Benz car models must be at the top of your superb wish list.

Mercedes-Benz Dreamcars are a series of fascinating car models, which included E-Class coup and cabriolet, the SLK and SL sport cars, the CL as well as the CLS coup and the CLS Shooting Brake.

From today to 3rd January 2014, exclusive privileges are offered to CLS 350 Shooting Brake, CLS 500 Shooting Brake, SL 350, SL 500 and SL 63 AMG customers. Customers who purchase these Mercedes-Benz dream cars models within this period of time will enjoy an extended third year Mercedes-Benz aftersales warranty service and 0% rate financial services (SL63 AMG is excluded) provided by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Hong Kong Limited.

Moreover, customers are entitled to enter the “Dreamcars campaign” lucky draw where TWO lucky winners will win the fabulous prize of “AMG Winter Driving Advanced Program” including a round-trip business class ticket and accommodation. Each lucky winner will receive a round-trip business class ticket to Munich proudly sponsored by Lufthansa German Airlines. The “AMG Winter Driving Advanced Program” will be held in Arjeplog, Sweden on 28th – 31st March 2014. Under the breathtaking nature, AMG professional instructor will conduct advanced training with the winners. Winners are able to experience the dynamic performance of AMG vehicles and perform spinning and drifting on ice. Please visit for further information.

In addition, customers who purchase designated Mercedes-Benz dream car models during this period of time can enjoy up to 80% off on acquiring dedicated options, in order to make their cars more appealing on the road. While for SLK and CLS coup customers, they will enjoy FREE upgrade of AMG Sport Package.

CLS 350 Shooting Brake dedicated optional equipment is AMG sport package
SL 350 and SL 500 dedicated optional equipment is Panoramic vario-roof with MAGIC
SL 63 AMG dedicated optional equipment is 19″ front and 20″ rear AMG multi-spoke forged wheels
Trade Promotion Competition Licence no. : 41817

About Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited
Established in 1986 and based in Hong Kong, Mercedes-Benz China Limited (MBCL) was the wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG and the franchiseholder for all imported passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle products under the Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and smart brand names in the Northeast Asia region (China, Hong Kong and Macau). In 2005, MBCL moved all P.R. China operations to Beijing for further business development. On January 1, 2006, Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited was established to take over the wholesale business for the Hong Kong and Macau markets with the lead of MBCL. Since March 2013, Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited has separated from MBCL and is the wholly subsidiary of Daimler AG. Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited is supported by Zung Fu Company Limited (exclusive retailer in Hong Kong and Macau) to provide Sales and After Sales Services in Hong Kong and Macau.

A Few Great Ideas For Patios

If you want to make the most of your living space while enjoying some beautiful weather in the comfort and privacy of your own home, patios have just what you need. If you are a homeowner, you are probably always looking for different ways to maximize your space. Patios offer a great way to expand your living space, host outdoor parties and barbeques, or take in a fall evening by a fire pit with your loved ones. Choosing the right style and material depends on a variety of factors including your tastes, the style of your home, and your intentions for the space.

First, you should consider which materials are available to use. Stone is one of the most common materials for patios because it is durable, natural, and beautiful. Natural stones are a great choice, because they are better looking and more durable. Concrete is another inexpensive option that offers durability and easy maintenance. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are another popular material for creating beautiful backyard living spaces. These tiles are different from the ones you’d find in a kitchen or bathroom, so be sure to use tiles that are specifically designed for outdoor use. Bricks are also a fantastic option. Bricks are great because they can match the aesthetic of nearly any type of home. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and they can bring in a sense of warmth to more modern looking homes.

Once you have chosen the material you will use, start thinking about ways to make the most out of the space. What will you be using the space for the most? If you are going to be using it for lounging around with your loved ones, think about ways to make the space relaxing. By adding a small water fountain, you can greatly enhance the space, making it much more relaxing and enjoyable. Adding plants and shrubbery can add some shade and make the space much more pleasant. An overhang can make the space enjoyable to be in when it’s raining or sunny. If you are planning on hosting barbeques or other parties, make sure to save some space for a table and some chairs.

Patios offer more than just a great place to spend some time with friends and family – they also raise the value of a home. Homes with additional outdoor space typically sell for higher than homes without them, so building one is a great way to invest in your property.