Green Cars And Our Options

For this year’s search for the Greenest Auto Maker, Honda led the list again as the company with the better share of earth friendly operation. This being the fourth, attests of Honda’s pledge towards manufacturing earth friendly automobiles and maintaining their corporation earth friendly.

Though it is unquestionably easy to search at huge manufacturers as a root of waste that ravish the earth, one cannot brush off the fact that the people on a mass scale generate more waste and pollution than huge companies. This tells us that we, the people, are also part in polluting or attend to the environment. Affirmation have testified that when a person’s part to pollution might be relatively plain as compared to industrial complications and plants, totaling this to the billions of consumers and end users will undoubtedly put caring for the earth in the grasp of the person.

With this to brood about, an individual needs to recognize that making a difference in this regard can very well start in our own houses.

Though, car manufacturers have been working for ages in coming up with earth-friendly vehicles, we should accept our responsibility in this concern. I guess that one cannot really underrate what difference one person can do. The following are some other of the alternatives that are easily gettable in whipping out our automobiles more earth-friendly. Some of these are very uncomplicated while others may need tolerable exertion to fulfill.

There is conceivably no better methods to tune your vehicles to an earth-friendly bliss than to first familiarize and exhaust ready options. You must know what your intentions are and the available resources in reaching or achieving this goal. Understanding what alternatives are already being popularly used will save one a lot of time as well as a lot of money. Looking at information that tackles alternative fuel sources, their use, advantages and disadvantages is also another good thing to do.

Have you ever thought of using other present fuel alternatives? I am sure that you have in one way or the other heard of a lot of fuel alternatives that are in the market today. One of the more common of these alternatives is biofuel. The diesel engine, if you own one, opens a lot of other options that will truly surprise you. Biodiesel is one alternative to diesel that allows you to make your own fuel to run your car with. A query on biofuel on major search engines can already provide one with the necessary resources on making one’s own biofuel.

How about exchanging your gasoline station to your nearest deli or fast food restaurant? Yep, waste fryer oil can now very well power your cars as gas does. This is supposedly already working. This option will require you to make major modifications for your ride but resources are already available to take you on the steps in doing this. Makes me think of a possible change in how we define Drive thru’s in the future. Getting into this will definitely make our roads smell better with exhaust smelling like french fries or burgers.

Batteries and electricity are a cool option for those who also conscious of harming the earth. For this option, instead of buying fuel for your cars, you can instead just charge them at home or on any electical outlet. While hybrids also run on gasoline, one can opt to run purely on electricity as long as one is willing to sacrifice speed and only for short distances. This is a cool option that can literally save one a lot of money. I feel that if the only sacrifice required to have this advantage is to wake up a little earlier to not miss work because of driving at moderate speeds, I will surely do it. Come to think of it, you will also have a very safe drive, a very healthy habit of waking up early and a happy boss at work to top it off.

Though still in its research phase, ultracapacitors are also now being improved to be able to power cars. This is a very earth friendly and also a very efficient alternative.

There truly are a lot of options that are already made available for motorists to make their cars more earth friendly. Resources for these alternatives are already available to the normal person without any cost. I completely agree that it is better to take the precautions now than to pay for the consequences later.

Battery Desulfator Diy Basics You Can Really Build One

By now, you’ve probably heard plenty of information about battery desulfation and reconditioning, and now you may actually be thinking of giving it a try. And what better way to try reconditioning than by doing it with your very own, self-made desulfator, right? The primary benefit of making your own desulfator is that you can save a significant amount of money than if you bought one from an electronics or automotive shop.

Can I Really Build A Battery Desulfator?

The good thing is that it is easy enough for anyone to undertake a battery desulfator DIY project. Most of the parts and materials you need can be found in the junk box, which you’ve probably stored away somewhere in your basement or garage. An empty, standard-sized can, cardboard, perforated board, pots, resistors, switches, pop-rivets, grommets, output wires, adhesive copper foil, LED, and FET are easy enough to find in your junk box, right? Even if you don’t have these materials on hand, they are readily available at very affordable prices at your local hardware.

Starting The DIY Project
Once you have all the necessary parts and materials prepared, the exciting part of a battery desulfator DIY project can officially begin. The first step is to build the box for your desulfator. This is done by cutting out a piece of the perf-board that will fit snugly into the inner bottom part of the empty can. Arrange the circuit parts on the perf-board according to your desired position. At this point, it would help if you have a schematic diagram to serve as your guide in building the circuit, especially if this is your first time to build a desulfator.

Insulate Properly
Since you are using a metal can as the desulfator’s box, proper insulation is necessary. Cover the lid and sides of the can with thin cardboard. Now, you are ready to start drilling the necessary holes and then solder the wires into place. Drill one hole on the left side of the can for the output wires and then drill three vent holes on the other side. You may also drill a hole on top of the lid so that you can observe the LED while the desulfator is in use. As soon as all the holes have been drilled, you may position the wires and solder them in place as shown in your schematic diagram. Now, decide where exactly on the perf-board you would like to place the FET and then glue it into place.

Voila! Your battery desulfator DIY project is complete. Now you can try your hand at battery reconditioning. If you don’t have an old battery that you can practice on, you may go looking for abandoned -dead- batteries and use them for your purposes. If your reconditioning practice is successful, then you could sell the reconditioned battery to someone at a discounted price. Who knows, you just might end up with your very own battery reconditioning business. You’ll never realize how limitless the possibilities are unless you give it a try.

About Water Cars – How To Run Your Car On Water

On the first look it sounds like another James Bond Movie where his car will be running on water. Well its not a brain surgery to run car on water, it involves simple formula from chemistry where water can be used to extract gases that can run car comfortably. As on date we do not have a formula that runs a car 100% on water. These water run hybrid cars still use gas along with water as a source of energy. It might very well be possible in future when you drive to gas station you will fill tank with water instead of gas. But current article does not involve you adding water to fuel tank.

Well, the birds-eye-view of the current solution requires you to install Run A Car on Water DIY (do-it-yourself) kit in the hood of your car that will generate on demand gases. Only thing that you add to this kit is water in the container made for the purpose. These gases are then combined with regular gasoline to make a more efficient fuel which can run your car. One liter of water can last as much as 1 month so you do not have to add water every now and then. This hybrid setup will decrease the consumption of regular fuel hence resulting in an increased mileage.

The best part is that you can install this Car on Water kit to any car, suv, truck running on gas or diesel or petrol. A brand new hybrid car costs anywhere from $17,000 and over and use huge batteries filled with nickel which leave a bad impact on environment.

The running car on water kit that we are talking about releases oxygen to atmosphere and you are smart enough to figure that oxygen is what we require to breathe. Water gas technology is pretty simple conversion kit that install on your car and all parts can easily be found in your local hardware store. You can get all these in less than $200. Now if you spend $200 on such a water car hybrid solution and it gives you a mere 20% better mileage, is it not worth it. I have seen many people getting to up to 200-300% increased mileage after installing this kit.

Working of a car running on water
This system can be installed within the hood of your car without changing the existing mechanical or electrical components. The container that will hold water will be fitted within the hood of your car. Vacuum is created in the container and electric current is passed to the diodes in the water container. This will result in HHO generation which is also known as Brown’s Gas. This generated gas is fed to the fuel system along with regular gas. This HHO gas will start its effect immediately resulting in lesser gasoline usage. Apart from that the engine of your car will get smoother with every mile you drive as now there is lesser exhaust of Carbon Mono Oxide (CO) along with un-burnt fuel, which is pretty unhealthy for you and your car. This new water generated gas is about three times more efficient than regular gas. As your car will be less pollution generating will help clearing smog test easily.

Running car on water have been installed by many car owners world wide to help in cost cutting as gas prices are increasing every now and then, well at the writing on this article its already touched $135/gallon, who knows where it will be by the end of this year as they are already forecasting it to be double within next couple of months.

Is there any risk in Running Car on Water?
Well by nature Hydrogen gas is one of the most explosive gases. It becomes risky when you have quite a substantial quantity of this gas stored in one place. In this kit when we run car on water the hydrogen gas is produced in small quantities and it is used up inside the car’s engine in no time. That is why this is also known as hydrogen-on-demand technology. The electric connections are designed in such a way that hydrogen gas is generated only when your car is running and not when its parked and engine is switched off.

Hybrid Cars Save Money

Hybrid Cars Save Money If you have been sitting on the fence about deciding to purchase a Hybrid car, you no longer have any excuse to be squeamish. Consumer Reports just released a study this August that confirms that Hybrid cars will in fact save you money over the long run.

The combination of generous tax credits along with the fuel saving nature of these vehicles is what makes them a good long term value. The difference in up front cost between a hybrid and its traditional counterpart is often between $1200 and $7000. Thats a wide gap, and can be enough to leave you wondering if its worth it.

The good news is that if you act fast and purchase your new Hybrid car before the tax credits phase out in 2007, alot of that upfront additional cost will come back to you in the form of a tax credit. Meanwhile, you will enjoy long term savings on fuel costs.

Did you know that as of 2006, Hybrids account for only 1% of new car sales in the US? As gas prices rise, the ratio will likely change as people seek to cut costs out of rising fuel prices. Unfortunately, if you wait too long you will no longer be able to take advantage of the tax credits that are being phased out. If you are considering purchasing a Hybrid car, you are better to do it now.

The study, conducted by Consumer Reports assumes that you keep your Hybrid car for several years, long enough to notice the difference in cost of filling up. Of course, the more you drive to work, school, or on vacation, the faster and greater your savings will add up.

If you are researching Hybrid cars, be sure to check out This site lists updated information on all makes and models of Hybrids available and soon to be available.

Affordable Car Insurance Rate Assistive Guidepost

Are you searching for information related to car insurance for women or other info somehow related to metropolitan insurance, condominium insurance, military pay chart, irish car insurance quotes, illinois car insurance online or cheap car insurance young driver? If yes, this article will give you helpful insights related to car insurance for women and even somehow related to insurance online, car insurance quote uk, wi auto insurance, cheap car insurance for under 25, find the best car insurance and get a car insurance quote that you might not have been aware of.

The World Of affordable car insurance rate

Most of us will consider that our cost of using the automobile is going up wards year by year. You will find that no matter how safe or careful you drive your car your car insurance premiums increases every year.

Although there are lots of methods by which you can keep a control on your car insurance premiums and a few of them are listed here.

1. For a time being imagined that you are a car insurance company. Now you will look for all the possibilities of a potential claim by considering about the car, its owner, location, security etc. Based on these observations you will roll out your final quote.

If you keep your car most of the time in safe custody like a garage or using alarm, immobilizer etc, it will indicate that there will be lower risk of theft or damage to your car which will lower your chances of making a claim. Companies will take this into consideration and provide you a lower quotation.

2. Nowadays many companies will offer you a huge discount if you buy car insurance online. There are a lot of competition between online companies to capture the customer and all these things results in high benefits to customers. Even if you’re getting a 10% discount, this can certainly save you some money.

BREATHER — As you pause on reading this article I hope it has so far provided you with insightful information related to car insurance for women. Even if it hasn’t so far, the remainder will, whether your interest is car insurance for women directly or other related angle such as car insurance on line, car insurance cost, online motorcycle insurance quote, cheap short term car insurance, car insurance uk and cheap car insurance young drivers.

Related Fact About car insurance for young

3. With the rise in competition, they are many companies which are they prepared to haggle in return for your purchase. A very simple saying is that if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Do not hesitate or afraid to ask for further discounts because insurers are looking for your custom.

4. If you’re planning to purchase a new car, but you’re concerned with the recent price of policy then you can decide to buy a car that will fit into the lower segment of insurance categories. Cars with the smaller engines will attract a lower quotation of insurance.

5. Estimation of annual mileage: when people are asked for yearly mileage of their car then generally they overestimate it as much as 50 per cent. If you lower the number of miles then you can lower the cost of insurance policy. By giving details of average miles you run your car in the year then it will assist you keep your quote as accurate as possible.

6. Safe driving: it is an obvious advice, but if you drive safely on the roads and accident free then it will increase no claims bonus and reduce your premiums on your policy.

The 5 Valuable Tips In Managing An Automotive Repair Business

The success of any business always depends on how it is being managed by its owner. Automotive repair business requires lots of things to consider before starting out. This type of business is one of the hardest ventures to supervise, but if you have superb expertise in handling automotive business, then everything will flow smoothly and according to the business plan. To assist you in managing this undertaking, here are the 5 helpful tips in running an automotive repair business.

1.Decide which suits you best, starting your own auto repair shop or purchasing a franchise of an automotive repair business.

Buying a franchise of an auto repair business is a lot easier than starting your own repair shop. If you purchase a franchise, all of the entire will be provided including the training, equipment and staff. Add to that, they will also be the sole responsible in marketing your business and most importantly they will provide you with high traffic-location.

3. Name your price.

Stating the values of your business and your charge per project are the next factors that you should consider. Never let your customers run out of trust on you and never let them pay for excessive work or repairs that are unperformed. Numerous automotive repair business in today’s times obtained dreadful status towards the public due to several issues that includes overcharging. Don’t let this happen to your repair shop. Be honest and always provide them with positive thoughts that your staff is competitive and you will provide them with superb services.

3. Proffer your customers with a guarantee.

All customers want an assurance that their vehicle will work appropriately after sending it to your shop. If you fail always give time to settle and discuss this matter courteously with your customer. Every client needs a guarantee that you can finish a certain job in a specific time frame. Always meet their expectations and make them feel that your service is exceedingly superior. Assurance is highly essential, it doesn’t only create an established relationship with your customers, but it will also provide you with good appraisal.

4. Show concerns to your personnel.

In an automotive repair business, employees are one of the most important tools for the business to flourish. If you have good and competitive mechanics, always treat them nicely and paid them fairly. Giving benefits to your employees such as adequate compensation insurance encourages them to work harder and motivates them to be responsible. Always feed them with words of encouragement and build a good working relationship with them.

5.Acknowledge regular customers.

Recognize and reward regular customers. It’s important to the customers for you to acknowledge them when they arrive. It makes them feel special and at ease to you as well as to your staff. Even a simple chit-chat , using their name, would make them feel so comfortable and content to your service. Giving discounts after the next repair or giving them abatement in other services is also very helpful in building a good customer-owner relationship.

In an automotive repair business, customer complaints are inevitable. But treat clients with complaints politely and always show concern and willingness to discuss and make resolutions, to the problem that is agreeable and fair to both parties.

Rc Cars

Fast and furious, these cars rule the race track. They burn fuel like there is no tomorrow. They are charged with electricity to make them move like lightning. They burn their gas in a rough revolution of their engines!

They may sound like the real deal, but these are far from joining the NASCAR, these are just remote control cars (just not yet)!

Remote control cars are among the best source of adrenalin rush that knows neither age nor gender! It’s one ride you that anybody can figuratively take to heaven and hell, without dangers or fear on being involved in crash.

Controlling an RC car can in fact be a lot more exciting than having a good road trip on a sunny day. Riding through a remote control can give you a feeling of security, while keeping your freedom to overdrive and over speed!

In all of remote control hobbies, many regard RC cars to be still the best and easiest to master. No one is too new or too expert to grab that joystick and start driving.

Operating an RC car is quite basic; one only needs to know the fundamentals of RC driving. Using a joystick, a wheel or a trigger should be really easy, accompanied by a few buttons then you are all set.

Remember how you father used to tell you that drivers don’t pick their cars, it’s the car that picks the driver? Well that is not the case in RC cars, because in RC cars, you always have the power to choose. There are numerous types of RC cars parked in virtual garage that you can choose from. The simple RC cars that can be simply described as a “stop and go” type should be the easiest to use, and you could say that it is the best for starters. Then there is also the RC race car that has superb features of complexity and maneuverability. They even have customizable small parts.

Types in terms of engine specifications are also available. One can choose to control between an electric and a fuel type RC. The other parts on an RC might also impress you, as many RC cars are now fully customizable, one can make a simple smooth cruising type and a mean, real fast and with suspensions just like a real race car.

The road for you and your RC car is waiting. You don’t need a license. You don’t need protective gears. The only thing you need is your guts to press that gas button and speed on! The race has started, will you let yourself be left behind?!

Hybrid Cars Go Stylish

Hybrid cars are taking the world by storm – figuratively, literally. And here are just two of the latest hybrid cars that avid car fans and buyers are sure to love.

If you want an eco-friendly hybrid car that not only drives like a dream but is a weight off your conscious too, then you must see the PGO Cevennes Turbo-CNG. This nifty little hybrid car will run on bio gas making it essential in today’s fight against global warming.

You may be forgiven for thinking that hybrid cars are going to end up looking, well, ugly. This is simply not the case where the PGO Cevennes Turbo-CNG is concerned. Looking at the car’s rounded edges and the sleek design you may as well be looking at one of the top sports cars in the world. With a soft top to boot, you can make sure your next luxury car is a hybrid one.

The PGO Cevennes Turbo-CNG has been developed by BRA GmbH. This company has been at the very forefront of the development of hybrid cars for well over ten years now. They are based in Germany and they have developed not only environmentally-friendly hybrid cars but cars that have excellent style and design, as well.

The car itself isn’t due to be released until March 2008, but you can be sure it will open to a fanfare of utter amazement! The car is only likely to cost around 48,000 Euros making it not only environmentally-friendly but also friendly on your pockets, as well.

The Cadillac Provoq concept

America has realized that the gas-guzzling, environment-harming vehicles are not going to save the world any time soon. The eco-drive and style brought by hybrid cars have finally found their way to America and they have managed to do it in amazing degree… Not that we expected anything less of course.

As the flag bearer of hybrid cars, the Cadillac Provoq concept car has two main points. On the one side, it clearly shows the style, class and beauty that is renowned with Cadillac cars. It also has in its favour the hybrid car technology that is actually making the car a sure heart-stopper.

The Cadillac Provoq concept car is made to appeal to the luxury car owners; it oozes class and style and is sure to stand up in its own right against other luxury cars. If it is luxury next to hybrid car technology that you are looking for then you need not look any further.

The Cadillac Provoq concept hybrid car has wheels that are powered by the car’s 94bhp motor, which of course is electric. The car’s rear wheels have the 54bhp motor each. These features enhance the Provoq’s mileage for every small amount of gas it consumes – saving the planet and your pocket from hundreds of dollars spent on fuel. This is something that Cadillac Provoq owners would be very much proud of.

The PGO Cevennes Turbo-CNG and the Cadillac Provoq concept will fit right into any city or town and with their sporty look and sleek design they are simply head turners.

The Planet Automotive Group – $1,000,000 Jamaican Cash Give-a-way

PressRelease – The Planet Automotive Group is launching biggest event to hit Charlotte this year! They are giving away $1,000,000 in Jamaican Cash in the Planet J$1 Million Jamaican Dollars Sweepstakes.

Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC – The $1,000,000 in Jamaican cash will be given away J$100,000’s at a time. Every Saturday they will give away $100,000 of Jamaican cash until all of the $1,000,000 in Jamaican cash is gone!

Entering the contest and potentially getting your hands on the cash is easy. Visit the Planet Automotive Group showroom at 110 Northchase Drive Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28213 and test drive any vehicle that is for sale on the lot. You will automatically be entered for your chance to win. No purchase is necessary! For Complete contest rules and more information, please visit

Every Saturday, starting on July 13th, J$100,000 will be given away in the Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes will complete once a total of J$1,000,000 has been given away. The Sweepstakes will run for approximately 10 Weeks.

Why is Planet Automotive Group giving away $1,000,000 in Jamaican Cash? Planet Automotive Group is so excited about the all new Mitsubishi line up of vehicles that they want to see everyone come in and test drive one. For example, test drive the all-new 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander or the all new 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer and be automatically entered in the $J1,000,000 Jamaican Cash Sweepstakes.

About The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander:
The legend is reborn. Planet Automotive Group would like to introduce the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander with an all new 2.4L MIVEC engine, ECO drive assist, and 31 mpg! Come in and test drive one today.

About the 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer :
According to Edmonds “Whether you just want a car that looks and handles sharper than the average econobox or you need something speedy enough to embarrass genuine sports cars, the Lancer lineup likely has something with your name on it.”

About Planet Automotive Group:
Planet Automotive Group is a premier automotive dealer in the Charlotte area and is owned by Helmi Felfel, a member of the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association. At Planet Automotive Group, we make buying a new and quality used cars easy, we have a knowledgeable friendly sales staff and attractive financing options. Planet Automotive Group is proud to be the best solution for all of your car buying needs. At Planet Automotive Group, we strive to always deliver a superior buying experience and customer service is our number one concern. Planet Automotive Group wishes to earn your business for life. We know the only way to do that is to prove to you how important you are to us as a customer. Please come in and let us show you.

Simple Ways Of Finding Best Car Loans

Car loans come packaged in different features and are meant to suit different people as well as businesses. When you do not have enough information with regards to the loans, it can be hard to make the right decision leave along enjoy the full benefits that come with some of the car loans. This therefore means that you will need to be very careful with the decisions you make regarding the car loans.

A simple way of getting exactly what suits the needs you have whether personal or business is conducting a research on the available financiers. You will definitely be in a better position to make informed decisions when you know what is currently in the market as well as the loan options you have for the car that you need.

It is important to work with financiers who have a good reputation and who offer you brokers who will help with the entire process thereby making it as smooth and pleasant as possible. Only a very good broker will be in a position to guide you to the right loan option in relation to the needs you have. You can always take the time to check on the track record of the broker you intend to use to secure the car loan. The loans will cover anything from personal cars to vehicles meant for business. This means that apart from having a luxury car to your name, you can easily manage to take your business to another level by getting the car that is most suitable. This also involves any equipment that your business needs made possible under the equipment loans.

A car loan definitely will come with interest rate. This is something you can never afford to ignore whatever the need you have for the car. You will find that some offer very high interest rates while there are some who will offer something reasonable. A research through the lenders will expose you to some of the best as well as those who are willing to offer interest rates you find reasonable and helpful. It is also important to be aware of any other charges that could come with the car loan you are about to take. The services: the broker you settle for should manage to easily offer you good service as far as the financing is needed. This includes having all the needed access to the lenders and banks and they should be numerous so that it becomes easy to find the best one for the needs you have.

The other things which you can consider to determine which boat loans Australia is most suitable are the repayment plan and the repayment amount. The amount will mostly depend on the period of time you have been given to repay the loan. You should always check to be sure you understand everything to do with the repayment plan and also verify that you find it most suitable in relation to what you can manage to get within the agreed period. It helps to remember that failing to pay on time can attract other charges on the car loan.