Talented Industrial Designers Of Innovative Futuristic Car Designs.

Name: matus prochaczka

Matus prochaczka is a Slovakian auto designer. He studied Design at the Slovak Technical University of Architecture. His specialties include industrial designing, 3D modeling and illustration (Rhinoceros, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Corel draw, sketching, and pencil pictures). He is well known for his award winning futuristic cars, especially the magnet car.

Name: Juan Pablo Bernal

Juan Pablo Bernal is a Swedish transportation Designer. He was graduated with a MA Degree in Transportation Design from Umea institute of Design in Sweden. After graduation he continued his studies in Italy at the The Instituto Europeo di design, where he developed many designs in collaboration with Mclaren Company. Some of his famous designs are the Megapolis SUV, Opel Icona and the cosmopolitan 2021.

Name: Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia is a Spanish designer. He has been graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Professional Specialist in Creative Design Postgraduate Degree and Styling and Automotive Concept Degree from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencias Fine Arts Faculty. He specializes in Illustration, Industrial Design and 3-D Modeling .Some of his recent works is the Audi A9 Concept and Ducati 6098 R concept.

Name: stephan radev


Qualified Auto Technicians Growing Scarce

Today’s auto technician shortage is caused by several factors, including rigorous qualifications necessary to work on increasingly complex systems and fuel diversity knowledge requirements. Not to mention the past negative stigma associated with this career choice (“Grease Monkey” anyone?). The situation will only be intensified in the next decade when Baby-Boomer generation technicians begin to retire.

“Consider these facts: 16 percent of the U.S. workforce will be 55 and older in two years and 10,000 Americans will turn 65 every day by 2012. By 2030, one out of every four Americans will be 65 or older. Over the next 10 years one half of the top technicians will retire,” said Richard White, senior vice president, marketing and member relations for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA).

There is currently – and will continue to be into the foreseeable future – major demand for qualified automotive mechanics and technicians. Quite frankly, the auto repair industry has enough tire rotators and oil changers. What are needed are top quality, highly trained, ASE certified master mechanics. The kind of top-notch mechanic talent that comes from top-notch automotive training schools like Universal Technical Institute (UTI), WyoTech, YTI Career Institute, Baran Institute of Technology, and

Automotive Diagnosis When You Need Mechanical Repairs

Mobile mechanics in Sydney can only identify with and complete difficult car repairs wherever your car is situated.

Few years back mobile car repairs concerned to flat fire fixing, battery jumping, or towing. But that was urgent situation service and not automotive or mechanical repairs service. There is an enormous difference between emergency need and on schedule repair requirements. Emergency service is intended to get your car to the nearby service centre for a more complete repair.

A mobile car mechanic, on the other hand, is a full service technician who carries the repair shop to your car location. When you schedule mobile car service, the objective is to get your car repaired as if you had taken it to the local car service spot.

In Line With Automotive Mechanical Repairs Servicing:
Diagnostic mechanism and technician guidance has made it possible to take the repair centre on the road. It used to be that serious car repairs had to be concluded inside a well prepared auto shop because large equipment was required for testing reasons. Repairs may or may not need complicated tools.

Computerization today has made it possible to do the same kind of diagnostic test on

Go For Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies

The drivers drive their cars without caring for their safety or other’s safety. It is important to know that even for a safe driver one must get their car insured. Car insurance not only protects the rash drivers but also the ones that are safe drivers and end up in meeting with an accident because of the rash drivers. Damage to your car can happen because of many reasons. Auto insurance is quite expensive but one can still get insurance at cheap rate by just going through different companies policies. Once you know which company is fulfilling your requirements than go for the cheapest auto Insurance Companies.

With the advent of Internet the search for the best insurance company has become very easy. Earlier a lot of footwork was involved. One has to go from one agent to other for comparing between different companies. But Internet has made this job very easy. You don’t have to listen to the endless talks of the broker’s and don’t have to go through the yellow pages. Internet has eliminated the need to do all these time-consuming things. All you need is a computer with the Internet connection at your place and you can get

An Introduction To Car Radiators

When you start your ignition and start driving your car, your internal combustion engine will produce a considerable amount of heat. Put simply, It is the job of the car radiator to remove the heat from the engine via thermal heat exchange. Generally speaking the more the powerful the engine, the more heat is produced so a high powered vehicle needs to have a much larger radiator. Without a radiator, the engine would quickly overheat, leading to parts melting and the vehicle becoming inoperable and potentially hazardous.

Radiators can be constructed from a variety of metals, however aluminium is typically used as it is light weight and dissipates heat more evenly than others such as steel. A radiator actually works by passing a liquid coolant through the engine section, where it becomes very hot, before it is returned back into the radiator where it is rapidly cooled. This process repeats itself for as long as the engine is running so the coolant is continually re-circulated.

Prior to the Second World War, plain water was used as a coolant for the automotive industry. Water was a logical choice as it was widely available as well as being cost effective. However,