A little bit of history
Chevrolet is a brand of cars produced by General Motors Company. Till now, 18 different models of Chevy have been manufactured. The name derives from Louis Chevrolet – a famous race car driver. William Durant, the founder of General Motors, wanted to use Chevrolet’s surname and, therefore, he hired him to drive his vehicles in promotional races. In 1915, Chevrolet production was begun in Canada. A year later, production of these vehicles was so profitable, that Durant was able to buy most of shares in General Motors. In 1950’s and 60’s, Chevy was one of the most popular cars in the USA – actually 10% of sold vehicles in America were Chevrolets. Later on, the production of those cars decreased. However, currently Chevrolet is becoming more and more popular again – new versions of that make have been recently produced and, in the next two or three years, even more models of Chevy’s are going to be manufactured.

Chevrolet Corvette
This car has been produced since 1953 and has become very popular in European countries. There have been already five generations of Corvettes. The first generation (1953 – 1962) were two passengers convertibles. It was built from fiberglass and entirely by hand. The second generation (1963 – 1967) had independent rare suspension, knock off wheels and was fuel-injected what made it faster than the first generation vehicles. The third generation (1968 – 1982) underwent many changes in appearance when compared to the previous generations. It was equipped with hidden windshield wipers, removable T-tops and three-speed transmission instead of two-speed ones. The fourth generation (1984 – 1996) had new design, new interior, digital instrumentation and four-speed transmission. The fifth and the last generation (1997 – until now) has improved reliability and cutting edge design; these vehicles are faster and better-equipped than the previous generations, but still are combined with traditional image of Chevrolet.

Chevrolet Suburban
This model has been produced since 1936 and is completely different in appearance than the previous kind of Chevy. It is truck-based, equipped with three-row seating model, a full-size SUV. At first, the car was meant just for rural use, but late on it was becoming more and more popular with big families since the car is spacious and there is a room for even nine persons and their cargo. The Chevrolet Suburban is quite fast – it can reach 60 mph in about nine seconds. The present-generation model has been manufactured since 2007 and it has better safety equipment that its predecessors – the car has stability control and airbags for all three rows.

Chevrolet Impala
Impalas have been produced since 1958; they were perceived as a prestige car within the reach of the average American citizen and achieved a great success on the American market. Today, Impala is a full-size sedan, able to pick up six persons. It is equipped in small, but very efficient engine,
V6 power on the majority of trim levels and front-wheel drive. The present-generation models have been produced since 2006. Compared to the previous generations, the newest vehicles have better engines, updated styling, high-quality interior and more composed handling. Impalas produced within the last two years have more advanced safety equipment.