Finding A Cheap Car

With the economy nearing a recession, job layoffs at a high, exorbitant gas prices and a failing housing market, saving money where one can, is vitally important. If you are in the market for a new car, finding a car that is inexpensive and good on gas mileage will be top priority. In this article, we will show you where to find cars that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Your best bet in finding an inexpensive car is to buy used. Cars depreciate so fast, that it makes little sense to purchase a new car. Most people are upside down when they attempt to trade in their vehicles unless they have provided a down payment, or have paid their car off early. Buying a used car that is only a few years old, will allow you to get a nice, newer car, with only a few thousand miles on it. You can purchase used cars at dealerships, from other individuals, and even auctions. Depending on where you purchase the car, you may or may not get a warranty and the car may be sold as is.” Below, we will discuss various places where you can purchase used cars.

1. New Car Dealerships: Most new car dealerships will also sell used cars on their lots. These cars tend to be late models that are fairly nice to very nice. Often times, these cars are old leases, trade-ins or program cars. These dealerships often provide some type of warranty.

2. Used Car Dealerships: These types of dealerships only sell used cars. The cars on their lot are generally not in as good condition. They are often older and may not have a warranty or a return policy. You are essentially accepting the car as is.”

3. National Dealerships: There are some national car and truck dealerships such as CarMax that sell used vehicles. They are reputable and offer no hassle sales. You are likely to be offered a warranty as well.

4. Auctions: Auctions are another place to find great prices on used cars. Often times, these cars were seized or repossessed from other individuals. You can find some really great car auctions online.

5. Independent Car Dealers: These types of car dealers typically offer older vehicles that are really inexpensive. Their clientele is generally comprised of individuals that have poor credit. They often offer car loans with expensive interest rates and stringent payment guidelines.