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What You Should Know About Chafed Skin

After one is done a long-distance ran, they are likely to experience a burning sensation on their thighs. This is because the skin in the area is chafed. There is nothing as painful as chafed skin, and if not treated immediately, it will progress to an infection. Fortunately, getting an education about the condition puts you at a better place of knowing how to avoid and treat it. In this article, you will get to know the causes of chafed skin and how to prevent and treat.

Chaffing has a high likelihood of being caused by damp skin. This, however, it does not mean that you must enter a pool of water. A tiny amount of sweat from running is enough to cause it. Luckily, you can prevent this by using a thin layer of talcum powder as it keeps moisture away during the race. Also, as soon as you are done running or working out, it is best to change your clothes.

Another cause is not being lubricated during the exercise. One fact is that as one exercise, the skin rubs together. The rubbing causes friction, which then causes chaffing. In such a case, oil will come in handy. Given you will find a variety of creams in the market, you might have to try out few options before finding one that works best. Moreover, there is the option of taping nipple to stop your shirt from causing friction.

The type of material you choose has a significant role to play. Cotton is known to be the go-to in many cases, but, it is unsuitable when working out. First when cotton gets wet, it takes longer to dry out. And, chaffing is caused by wet fabric rubbing on to skin. For this reason, it is preferable to go for synthetic fibers and wool. These fabrics are easier to move in and do not retain moisture for long.

Ill-fitting garments can also cause it. Too tight clothes will cut into the skin. Moreover, the fact that air is denied access into your skin means you will stay wet. Meanwhile choosing loose clothes will lead to more rubbing. This brings in the importance of fitting the clothes and ensuring they are comfortable before exercising.

If your clothes are fitting yet they have tags or seams, chaffing is prone to occur. It would be thus preferable to ensure the seams in the cloth cause zero friction. If you are in a position to, do not buy clothes that have tags.

Dehydration is also a significant cause of chaffing. Dehydration causes an increase in the concentration of salt in your sweat. The salt will, in turn, lead to skin irritation and friction. To be on the safer side, always have access to water when exercising.

In case you already have chaffed skin, take some time off working out and give the skin time to dry off.

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