How To Import Cars From Japan Into Canada

To import cars from Japan into Canada is becoming more and more popular. This is due to very good reputation brands from this side world have gained. And if you would like to purchase a new vehicle, importing a car is easier than it sounds.

In as much as you would like to deal to be done and over it, always be vigilant in making any purchase. Just a like saying goes, ‘Caveat Emptor’ which means ‘let the buyer beware. To prevent hassles in your car purchase, do research to save your hard earned cash.

There is a lot of real estate to cover to deliver you vehicle. And there are also a lot of documents to be filed since there are two countries involved.

In Canada, imported cars should be no less than 15 years old aside from a very few exceptions; although you can still be guaranteed of a good buy when you import cars from Japan into Canada. In fact, it is one of the best in the world. Check all the agencies involve in your transaction to hasten the whole process.

More importantly, accomplish all necessary documents to avoid troubles in any given transaction. Most likely, both sending and receiving

A Quick Look At Some Of The 2006 Hybrid Cars

Demand for hybrid cars has sharply grown over the past three years, as pump prices continue to surge and eating a considerable part of the household budget.

Hybrid cars may not be the complete solution to rising oil prices but they are very economical, as they rely more on electricity instead of gas for power. For 2006, business conditions have remained turbulent. The current crisis in Israel and Lebanon will likely have an adverse effect on oil markets given that they are very near the worlds top oil producers.

Other issues that will keep gas prices high include Chinas demand, terrorist attacks on refineries and volatility in stock markets. Is 2006 finally the right time to jump on the bandwagon for hybrid cars? For 2006, the top Japanese car makers Honda and Toyota have released an impressive line of hybrid cars that have been updated to conform with the demands of the daily driver.

The hybrid cars for 2006 promises more power behind the steering wheel but gas consumption will be comparable to a child guzzling a bad-tasting cough syrup.

Honda 2006 Accord Hybrid

The new Accord Hybrid from Honda is 4-door sedan ideal for families with 2-3 kids. This car comes in two trims

Fuel Efficient Cars

The recent developments with the correlation with global warming and carbon emissions from cars, has prompted large car companies to rethink their strategies and technologies when it comes to selling cars.

With people’s choices tending towards environmentally friendly there is overwhelming evidence that the most popular cars are no longer the big V8’s or V6’s but the smaller 4 cylinder cars and especially diesel 4WD’s due to their excellent fuel efficiency. However, hybrid vehicles are also becoming a popular choice for those serious about saving money on fuel.

Fewer and fewer big 6″ cars are being bought and those car companies specializing in this area are putting more and more resources into increase the technology within these bigger engines. Pretty soon we will see big engine cars that have the same fuel economy as the 4 cylinder vehicles we see now.

With fuel prices always increasing and burning a huge hole in our pockets, now is the time to convert to the more convenient 4 cylinder vehicles and save thousands of dollars each year. The price of fuel is always a factor when making a decision on the purchase of a new car. This is evident in our changing tastes in cars.

There is

Ways Of Getting A Good Deal When Buying A New Car

You are now ready to buy that much coveted new car. You will have learned by now that buying a new car requires a great deal of research and preparation, therefore you have spent a good few hours weighing up the pros and cons of several models in relation to your needs and budget.

Hopefully you now understand that a car unlike a house or precious stones is not an investment, it will lose value as soon as you drive it away from the dealer’s showroom. It is consequently imperative that you get a good deal to balance things out.

Going to an auto dealer to negotiate a car purchase is viewed by many people as a hateful experience, mainly because they fear being conned. I’m not sure that “being conned” is exactly the right terminology, but it is certainly true that if you are not very well prepared when you engage with the dealer’s sales team you can end up paying a vastly inflated price for your new car.

Well, now that you have steeled yourself for the cut and thrust of the negotiations, let me give you some Dos and Don’ts of the car buying process. These are very important measures

Volkswagen’s bible Brand For Corporate Design Honored

It is no secret that Volkswagen has been through a lot of controversies lately that have shocked the whole automotive industry. But despite such, Europes largest automaker and producer of the popular Volkswagen relay has come out unscathed and still in its full grandeur ready to face more challenges that come its way. For the almost 62 years that Volkswagen has spent in the automotive industry it has its shares of ups and downs but the fact that it is still Europes largest automaker simply shows that its achievements has overshadowed its failures.

And just recently, Volkswagen was awarded with the Silver 2007 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany for its corporate book called Volkswagen Corporate Design Essentials. This brand bible gives a clear documentation of brand tonality and visual presentation of the design principles of the Volkswagen brand. The awarding was held at a public ceremony at Frankfurt am Main during the Ambiente International trade fair.

The German Design Council has invited an international jury to pick the Design Award Winners. There were 940 nominations but only 25 products were chosen to receive Germanys only official design award. According to Jochen Sengpiehl, Head of Marketing at