Sport Utility Vehicles That Are Mid-size

When it comes to cars, almost everybody has a different opinion on the brands of cars that you should choose from. If they are fixed on one brand, it’s most likely that they aren’t going to go with a different brand of car for the rest of their lives. So it’s best to do your research on brands of cars, and test drive the ones that you find interesting.

Reviews on cars from drivers around the world are always good to read, because you can get a different view of a car from people that have tried out more than just one brand. One SUV that seems to have everything that a lot of people would want on a car, would be the Ford Explorer.

With every new year model, they add a new feature on the car that would attract more buyers. One cool feature about the Ford Explorer, is the seating arrangements. This car can fit seven comfortably, and if you don’t have a lot of company in the car and you need storage, you can fold down the seats so there is plenty of room in the truck for storing items or furniture One more feature that goes with the trunk, is a cargo shade. The cargo shade will hide whatever is in the trunk that you don’t want other people to see while you leave your car in the parking lot.

Another cool feature is the re-adjustable pedals. You can move the brake and gas petal up or down, however it would be more comfortable for you to drive. And if you choose a more expensive brand of the Ford Explorer, it also comes with a DVD player and small television for the back seat. This will be great on road trips or when your kids are totally bored in the car, they can just pop in a movie and relax in the back seat.

Now, to get to the more technical part of the vehicle, the Ford Explorer is equipped with a V8 engine, and a six speed automatic transmission. You can also choose between a 4-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive. It runs smoothly, though since it is a pretty decent size SUV, it can be a little tight on money when it comes to gas. Though for the energy and features of the car, it will be well worth the gas you pay.