Talented Industrial Designers Of Innovative Futuristic Car Designs.

Name: matus prochaczka

Matus prochaczka is a Slovakian auto designer. He studied Design at the Slovak Technical University of Architecture. His specialties include industrial designing, 3D modeling and illustration (Rhinoceros, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Corel draw, sketching, and pencil pictures). He is well known for his award winning futuristic cars, especially the magnet car.

Name: Juan Pablo Bernal

Juan Pablo Bernal is a Swedish transportation Designer. He was graduated with a MA Degree in Transportation Design from Umea institute of Design in Sweden. After graduation he continued his studies in Italy at the The Instituto Europeo di design, where he developed many designs in collaboration with Mclaren Company. Some of his famous designs are the Megapolis SUV, Opel Icona and the cosmopolitan 2021.

Name: Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia is a Spanish designer. He has been graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Professional Specialist in Creative Design Postgraduate Degree and Styling and Automotive Concept Degree from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencias Fine Arts Faculty. He specializes in Illustration, Industrial Design and 3-D Modeling .Some of his recent works is the Audi A9 Concept and Ducati 6098 R concept.

Name: stephan radev

Stephan radev is a Bulgarian industrial designer currently located in Spain. He was graduated with a BA in Industrial design from the University of Ruse Angel Kanchev, Bulgaria. He specializes in Illustration, Industrial Design and 2-D and 3-D Modeling. His design such as the Blue Dynamics landyacht has also been published in several high profile publications such as Esquire Magazine and the Ramp magazine (Germany).

Name: Ralph Tayler-Webb

Ralph Tayler is a British Automotive Designer, who graduated in 2009 from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Vehicle Design. He specializes in Industrial Designs .He has received several awards such as the 2008 Interior Motives Design Awards and was nominated for the 2009 Helen Hamlyn Design Awards (Creativity in people-centered design).The Halcyon Concept Car and the Ford concept car are some of his latest sketches.

Name: Goran Marinkovic

Goran Marinkovic is a Serbian industrial designer. He graduated from Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2005 with a degree in Industrial Design specializing in design, art and basic engineering. He recently completed a Masters Degree with distinction in Car Design & Mobility from Domus Academy,Italy. One of his famous designs is low energy sustainable car called SCARAB-E. He has received several awards which includes second prize in the 2005 Internal Design Contest for Gorenje, 2nd place in the 2005 Danubius Conference and is a three-time finalist for Michelin Challenge Design and in 2007 he won first prize in the Domus Academy competition for The Most Desirable Car Ever.

Name: Pierre Sabas

Pierre sabas has a BA Mechanical Engineering in Industrial Design from the Universit de Technologies de Compigne, France. He has also received several awards for his designs, like the Free Form Concept which was the overall winner at the Interior Motives Design Awards 2008.

Name: Cristian Polanco

Cristian Polanco is an Latin America (Guatemala) industrial designer .He has been studying industrial design at the Universidad Rafael Landivar (Guatemala).He specializes in Industrial Design and 3-D modeling. Cristian has developed many designs like the AERO concept and the Peugeot aureon, which was designed for the Peugeot design contest 2008.

Name: Alex Hodge

Alex Hodge is industrial designer from Dunedin; New Zealand .He has a bachelor of Product and Industrial design degree from the Otago institute of design. He has designed several designs which include the Hawk concept car, Allure and F1.2010.

Name: Christopher Lavelanet

Christopher Lavelanet is MA Industrial Design graduate from the Coventry School of Art & Design. He specializes in Industrial Design, Illustration and Design Management. Christopher has won sever awards which include the 2nd Place Corus Award for Best Vehicle Design and Finalist in Ferrari: New Concepts of the Myth Competition. He has designed many elegant concept designs like the Peugeot – Versa Aquatic and the Mercedes – Benz – A- Class concept cars.