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Advantages of a Stun Baton for Self Defense

It is necessary for you to make sure that you are able to protect yourself if you are in a place where there is a high rate of insecurity. You need to have a stun baton when you are visiting places that there are high chances of being attacked. When it comes to weapon stun baton is one of the best weapon when it is compared with others such as guns. If you are looking for a self-defence weapon then you need to try stun baton because it is best of them all. If you don’t know reason why you should get a stun baton then you need to get to know them. The advantages you will get from choosing a stun baton for your self-defense.

You will not have to go for any class to learn how to use a stun baton because it is easy to use. In that case it is better and it will save your time and money since you will not have to hire a teacher to show you how to use it. When you compare it with other weapons such as guns you will have to find someone to show you how it is used . For that matter stun gun is more beneficial because you will be your own teacher and you don’t have to hire anyone to show you how it works.

A stun baton is not heavy and it will not give a hard time when carrying it because it is not big. The stun baton does not have a weight that will make you feel tired because of carrying it and you can use it without creating any noise. In that case it is a good way of protecting yourself and the attackers will not easily notice that you have a weapon. Unlike a gun you can use the stun baton with a second because all you need is to press a button and the attacker you will be on the floor.
Another benefit of carrying a stun baton is then you don’t need a legal permit for you to have it.

There are some weapons that you cannot be allowed to carry around without having the legal permits to do so from the law. You are allowed to walk around with a stun gun without anyone asking you anything because it is a weapon that does not involve much apart form self defense. To be able to protect yourself at all times without anyone’s permission then you need a stun baton because you can use it whenever you want as long as you are using it for the right purpose. There are many benefits that you will get from using stun baton and you can never get them from any other weapon and it is not illegal.

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