Tips For Buying A New Car – Essential Tips You Need

Buying a new car can be, for many people, a very stressful and time consuming business. That is, the part that comes after you have finished drooling over the glossy brochures from the manufacturers and the even glossier advertising sites on the web. So to help you on your way, I have put together some essential tips, these are very important considerations when buying a new car.

* Allow plenty of time for the buying process. If you are in a hurry, for whatever reason, you will be at a disadvantage and in a position to be royally screwed by the sales teams.
* Sell your trade-in vehicle separately. If you trade in your present car as part of the deal for a new car you can lose lots of money. Sell your old car privately through the small ads, to family or friends, put it on Craigslist, do anything but try to sell it to the dealer. Dealers view this as another way to increase their profits.
* Finance your purchase through your own bank. It is unlikely that your dealer will offer you a more economical deal, after all this is yet another profit source for the sales team.
* Establish the best drive away price you can. You do this by asking as many dealers as you can find, that sell the car you want, to enter into competitive bidding. Ask for the final price including the dealer’s charges. Most will tell you they do not do competitive bidding, but when you say “thanks and good-bye,” don’t be surprised at how many will ask you for your phone number with a promise to call you back.
* Walk out if, when you arrive at your chosen car showrooms, the sales rep says that for some “Unavoidable Reason” the car in question is no longer available for you to see. “But I have something here that is bound to interest…” Beat a hasty retreat and go elsewhere.
* Finally, when you have reached a satisfactory conclusion to the negotiation with regard to the final price of the car, the super salesman of the dealership will invite you to hear his pitch for the “can’t do without” extras. There is nothing here, extended warranties, go faster stripes, wheel trims etc. That you cannot get cheaper somewhere else.

The wisdom I wish to pass on to you, comes from buying many new and used cars and vans for my own use over the years. If I’d known then how to avoid being manipulated by over predatory salesmen, I would have a lot more money in my pocket now. So here’s a fantastic new set of insider revelations you will find essential reading before going out to get a good deal when buying a new car Also for your information, here you will find some more tips for buying a new car.